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Are your cultural beliefs being used to motivate a decision?

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Approached to meet a traditional healer or spiritual advisers?
Advised that you need to be cleansed of bad spirits or karma?
Witnessed miraculous healings or financial liberations?
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The Scammer's Agenda

Scammers abuse your personal and cultural beliefs to manipulate you into believing that they have been chosen to assist you in relieving you of your financial and/or health related issues.

How to Respond

Decline any invitation or appeal to meet or discuss your personal affairs and or circumstances. Scammers will appeal to you religious and cultural beliefs to manipulate you into agreeing to meet or share your personal details and information, claiming to be doing so at the behest of a divine power.

Seeing is NOT believing. Do not trust the miraculous recoveries or financial freedoms that random people are afforded via spiritual means. Scammers make use of cheap trickery and illusions to entice you into believing that you witnessed a miracle or communicated with an ancestor.

Be suspicious and question the reason a random person has access to any information about you or your family and your respective affairs. Be careful of what information you share and with whom, especially online. Do not share any personal details, contact numbers, addresses or financial information and circumstances on social media or with businesses and people who have no valid reason to your information.

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