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The Scammer's Agenda

Scammers use the lack of knowledge or understanding about a subject to manipulate and confuse a potential target. We need to keep ourselves informed and alert about the various types of scams. It will help prevent us from becoming victims. Learn about them here

How to Respond

Don't be a victim. Take a few moments to reflect and review the risks associated to completing a transaction or clicking on an unknown link before you do. Prevention is better than cure!
Study the material provided on our website and learn about how to protect yourself. Today, protecting yourself from scammers and online fraud is a necessity.
Ensure that you understand the risks associated with any decision you make and that you have sought professional assistance and taken reasonable steps to make an informed decision.
Beware of the scam trends and hotspots that could be targeting you. Know how the scammers target their victims to protect yourself from their trickery.

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