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The Scammer's Agenda

Scammers abuse our need to improve our financial circumstances as a lure to invest in their scams or try to make us believe that we will receive a reward for performing or participating in a certain task, opportunity, or event.

How to Respond

As the saying goes, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Dont buy into a “too-good-to-be-true” business, investment or scheme unless and until you have confirmed that these are being offered by legally registered and reputable entities in good standing.

Practice your Due Diligence: KNOW who you are dealing with, the business and the salesperson/ business partner making the offer.
“Verify their identify, authority and the investment”
Ensure that the agent/person is not impersonating someone else or pretending to represent a reputable institution. Call the legitimate institution using the number on their official website and ask to speak to the agent/person.

Read and understand all the terms, conditions, and limitations.
Have your lawyer review any contracts or agreements prior to your signing it.
Look out for legal technicalities that will enable them to walk away with your money!

Review performance history
Ensure that you can trace the business's historic records or the business venture's shareholders/partners physically and meet them in person at their business premises. Do not trust the financials that the investors/ agents provide to you - do your own research.

Speak to or contact investors/customers who have dealt with the business.
Do not believe online blogs, as they can be fabricated, false or misleading.

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